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Crystal Consultancy is a consultancy firm running in Delhi since last 11 years. It deals in 80g registration of ngos. If a ngo has 80g registration, the donor gets 50% tax rebate while donating to that ngo. In case of 12a registration, the ngo gets the benefit of not paying any tax throughout life.

An NGO can get benefits of income tax exemption by getting itself registered and following certain other formalities, but such registration does not provide any benefit to the persons making donations. The Income Tax Act has certain provisions which offers tax benefits to the “donors”. Section 80G is one of such sections which provides tax benefit to donors. If an NGO gets itself registered under section 80g, then the person or the firm making a donation to that NGO will be getting a deduction of 50% from his taxable income. If an ngo gets registered under 12A and 80g, then only it is applicable for any government funding. A newly registered ngo can also apply for 80g registration. The following documents are required for 80g registration:-

Registration under 12A : Click to Download 12A(a) form.

Registration under 80G : Click to download 80G(5)(vi) form.


1.Details of social activities done by the ngo since its formation along with the bills, vouchers and slips.
2.Copies of audited accounts of the NGO since its formation.
3.Copy of Pan Card of the ngo.
4.Details of the members of the ngo.
5.Registration ceritificate of the ngo along with its bye-laws.
6.If an ngo is more than 1 year old, then in that case copies of income tax return acknowledgement receipts are also required yearwise.

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Our company works as a bridge between NGOs working in different parts of India and donor agencies. We provide consultancy and support system to ngos in the field of project identification, design, implementation., sustainabilit...